Testimonial #1

I want to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Emme Adams. She rocks! As a new author, Emme took on my project and worked diligently to help me find my voice. I have grown as a writer because of her patience and efforts. Her guidance and insight continue to be invaluable to me. She is always there for me as a sounding board. Plus, Emme always responds in a timely manner. If she makes a suggestion or comment, I know I can take it to the bank!

D.F. Jones, author of Ruby’s Choice, Book One of the Ditch Lane Diaries

Testimonial #2

One thing I’ve learned as a new author? Evidence of an excellent editor is when readers fail to make even a single comment about editing. Thanks to Emme, readers have been able to focus on my story and not my mistakes. It’s also been a relief to find an editor both in my budget and willing to lead me through some of the mysteries of editing. So many thanks to Emme!

Kate Baray, author of Lost Library and Spirited Legacy

Testimonial #3

My publisher brought Emme in to consult on an edit of my paranormal novella that contained – we felt – problematic social issues that needed to be addressed before it could go any further. Emme’s critical feedback was scholarly (really, I couldn’t have found a better audience if I’d read it before a panel at university) , sensitive, and above all completely honest. I found her summary to be concise and relevant and her manner pleasant and eager to help. She has the kind of editing skill that I would easily attribute to belonging at a major publishing house. I will definitely be consulting Emme Adams again, and very soon.

Kirby Crow, author of Prisoner of the Raven and (with Reya Starck) Circuit Theory

Testimonial #4

Emme very graciously offered to help me iron out some issues in a novella that I feared had veered off in the wrong direction. She gave me detailed, reasoned and very specific feedback that helped me identify and head off some problems with the plot, as well as suggestions for the story’s final act. Her help has proved invaluable, and I will definitely be consulting with her on future projects.

Cat Grant M/M and ménage author, and winner of the 2012 EPIC Award for The First Real Thing

Testimonial #5

I contacted Emme Adams to request her services as a beta reader after reading several of her reviews. I found myself greatly impressed with the clarity of her constructive criticisms and her writing skills in general. It was exactly this frank and informed view that I was searching for.

Emme provided far more than a critical eye. In truth her services amounted to those of an editor. Not only did she give invaluable advice as to the story line and character development, she also picked up difficult to spot mistakes, such as archaic spelling, incorrect usages and various incongruities. Coupled with these skills, her friendly and polite demeanour added to the experience. Professional in her approach, reliable and knowledgeable, I highly recommend Ms Adams as an editor.

Georgina Anne Taylor, author of The Taint series

Testimonial #6

Emme beta read the manuscript for my first novel, which I’m currently in the process of polishing and editing. Her comments were clear and concise. I appreciated Emme’s positive and constructive approach. She made great suggestions and followed up with an explanation which helped greatly. I found Emme to be personable and her beta comments were quite helpful.

Dustin Adrian Rhodes, author of Storm of Passion and Masked Identities http://www.dustinadrianrhodes.com